Should you wish to meet, feel free to contact me via the email I've provided.  Most important; introduce yourself, share a little bit about who you are, what you enjoy doing outside of work and the type of individuals you enjoy spending time with!

Once contact has been made and I respond (smile), additional information is required prior to setting a definitive date and time; 

1.  References; names of ladies you've previously spent time with.  This provides assurance I'll be in the company of a gentleman; respectful of both time and physical boundaries.  While links to them aren't necessary it's important to add any information they might recognize you by. 

Should references not be available and you're new to this;

2. First and Last Name and an uploaded copy of your Drivers License ( everything can be blacked out with exception of your face and legal name). 

Unfortunately, with the closure of certain websites, there has been an increase of illegitimate requests to meet.  Therefore, I've doubled down on screening to avoid those who would otherwise waste my time.

Appreciate your interest and look forward to potentially meeting!