Who I am: 

Descriptors are always difficult to find when attempting to convey one's character to virtually an unknown individual; this is no easy task. I value emotional, mental and physical balance and work to maintain that consistently on a daily basis. My  role as a companion is to maintain a healthy balance within your life as well.  To allow you to indulge in life's greatest pleasure; sensual serendipity. My intention is to provide a safe, adventurous haven for you to explore and enjoy doing so in the company of a passionate, playful woman.


Where I've Been:

I was born of Norwegian Dutch heritage and come from a long line of educators and engineers. A small town girl with a restless desire to travel a different path; to discover my sensual self and seek out, attract like minded individuals. Educated, tenacious and curious; I've filled many roles and have continued to evolve to better myself. 

I've traveled extensively and have lived abroad a portion of my life. Learned to speak two different languages and became cultured to various regions. I was taught to play the piano at a young age; what once was a daunting task is now a means by which I regroup. It's one of many activities I participate in that has directed my life toward the positive path I walk. 

Where Am I Going:

I'm a busy woman with goals to keep and a degree to obtain; I'd rather enjoy living at present versus the future. Life is difficult to truly enjoy when thoughts and focus are on something which has yet to happen and I prefer to savor every minute of it.